Why can’t I find a massage chair for my house?

I just bought a massage seat for my home, but when I went out to buy a chair for the back yard, I was amazed to find one was too expensive to use.“That’s one of the nicest chairs I’ve ever seen,” said Laurie O’Brien, who lives in Sydney’s east.“I’m a little embarrassed about the price…

Published by admin inJuly 4, 2021
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I just bought a massage seat for my home, but when I went out to buy a chair for the back yard, I was amazed to find one was too expensive to use.

“That’s one of the nicest chairs I’ve ever seen,” said Laurie O’Brien, who lives in Sydney’s east.

“I’m a little embarrassed about the price tag.”

A recent study by Australian researchers at Griffith University found that over half of people in Australia reported experiencing discomfort at home.

But in a recent study, researchers found that when people reported experiencing physical pain, it was associated with more than just a physical discomfort, such as discomfort in the body.

They looked at over 1,000 people who had suffered physical pain in the past six months and asked them to report their symptoms in four categories: aching, aching joints, pain that is not relieved or that does not go away, and physical discomfort.

A number of the symptoms they were looking for were common in older people, with a large majority reporting pain in their legs, shoulders, hips, arms and neck.

The researchers found there was a significant difference in the symptoms experienced by people with more severe pain.

The people with the most severe pain experienced more severe symptoms and reported more severe physical pain.

However, in a subsequent study of the same people, they found there were also different patterns of pain experienced by different age groups.

People aged 70 to 85 years had the most serious pain, and those aged 65 to 79 years were more likely to report feeling physical discomfort at times.

More than half of the people who experienced pain in both arms reported discomfort in both hands, while nearly half of those with shoulder pain reported discomfort at both hands.

Another study looked at people who reported more than one symptom at a time and found the more symptoms reported at a particular time, the more pain that person experienced.

People with the least symptoms, those who did not have any symptoms at all, experienced less pain than people with severe pain and pain in one or more limbs.

Researchers also found people with mild to moderate pain, which includes the most common symptoms such as cramping, pain in a muscle or joint, or numbness, had a lower risk of reporting physical discomfort in their home than people who have severe pain, including shoulder, elbow and foot pain.

“People who have a chronic pain problem and are not experiencing physical discomfort may be reluctant to seek medical help because they fear that they may not be able to tolerate the pain and they may be worried about seeking medical advice,” Dr O’Connor said.

“But we can help them through this difficult time by encouraging them to seek professional help.

Findings such as these show that people with chronic pain can find relief from home treatments and support, and this could help them achieve greater health and wellbeing.

We need to work with people to make the best of the situation.


People can also find relief when they work out how to manage their pain in some of our therapies.”


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