How to massage the scalps of your scalps

As I sit on a chair, I notice the scalp massager is missing.I turn it on.It feels like it is a piece of furniture.I pick it up.It is a plastic scalpel.I try to use it to massage a spot on my scalp, but the massager’s blades just don’t cut through.I decide to just massage the…

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As I sit on a chair, I notice the scalp massager is missing.

I turn it on.

It feels like it is a piece of furniture.

I pick it up.

It is a plastic scalpel.

I try to use it to massage a spot on my scalp, but the massager’s blades just don’t cut through.

I decide to just massage the part I care about.

I start rubbing it over my scalp.

Then I notice a white spot.

It looks like a scratch or cut.

I push it up to a higher level and the scalpel is working better.

I’m not sure what happened to the scalping equipment, but I guess I had an accident with it.

I look down and there’s a scalpel sticking out of the back of my head.

I immediately stop.

Then a small white spot appears in the back right ear of my ear, and a few minutes later, a second white spot in my lower left ear.

I’m thinking about the scarring on my right ear.

The doctor is sitting in a chair in a room with two other doctors and a receptionist.

She is dressed in white.

A doctor stands in front of a large mirror.

He starts to stroke the back and side of my neck.

He is looking at my scalp and is holding a scalping instrument in his hand.

“Are you all right?” the doctor asks.

I say I am.

I tell him I’m having a minor surgery on my lower right ear, so the surgeon is making an appointment.

The surgeon tells me that my surgery was a success.

But he is concerned about my hearing.

The surgery took place two days ago.

At home, I hear my wife’s voice saying, “He has been getting a lot of compliments.

Is it OK to talk about it?”

The surgeons told me that I can speak to my wife now, but she will have to sit down and wait until we get home.

My wife is in a wheelchair.

She says she feels terrible about this.

She looks up at the mirror.

She’s very emotional.

It’s not that I don’t want to talk to my husband about it.

It’s that I’m scared that he will find out and think, “That was me.”

I’m still afraid that I will lose my husband.

When I think about it, the surgery was just a form of self-care.

I am so proud of my husband for what he has done.

His wife has a different reaction to the surgery.

She has never been afraid to talk with me.

She tells me she wants to make sure I am doing OK, so she will tell her friends.

On Sunday, I go to my son’s basketball game and I am not playing.

I have just one more appointment with my doctor.

This is a special situation.

I want to know how it happened, but at the same time, I am worried about what my husband is going to think about me.

I wonder if he will think, My husband is my only friend and he does not like it when I talk about my scalp surgery.

He thinks it’s funny.

He’s going to be upset.

He has had a lot on his mind lately.

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