How to buy a massage oil in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs residents will soon have a new option for getting their hands on a massage oil — a machine that dispenses hot massage oil from a machine.Embracing the hot oil means there will be a new way for people to get a quick, personal massage.The Embracing Hot Massage Oil Machine has been available for…

Published by admin inOctober 21, 2021
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Colorado Springs residents will soon have a new option for getting their hands on a massage oil — a machine that dispenses hot massage oil from a machine.

Embracing the hot oil means there will be a new way for people to get a quick, personal massage.

The Embracing Hot Massage Oil Machine has been available for about two weeks in Colorado, and its sales have been surging.

It’s also been the subject of several news articles and blog posts.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s easy to use, it works really well,” said Julie Stearns, owner of Embraced Hot Massages.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens.”

It’s not the first massage machine in the state, but it’s the first in the area to offer it, and it’s already a success story.

It started out as a concept at the Denver Business Journal, and a couple of weeks ago, Embraces received a grant from the Colorado Springs Business Improvement District to expand and install the machine.

“We didn’t really have a choice,” said Stearn.

“We had to look at other options, like the ones that have been available in other states.”

Embraces, which began as a company called Embracer, has expanded into more than 100 locations, including Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins.

Its most recent customer is the city of Colorado Springs.

“People have been really receptive, they really like it, they are looking forward,” said Sarah Miller, manager of Embacurys social media and business development.

“They are getting a massage at home.

I think they are really interested in the process.”

The Embracuries machine was created by local massage therapist Amy Stearnes and her husband, Scott.

They wanted to bring the experience to Colorado Springs because of its hot weather.

“I really want to give my customers the best massage possible,” Stearls said.

“So, we are doing this to offer our customers a way to get the best quality massage, and then we are also making sure we have the most affordable massage available in Colorado.”

Stearns said the Embracs machines are very similar to those sold in other places.

“You would have to put a hand on it, it takes a little bit of time to get into, but once you are in, it is very easy to get it going,” she said.

“In the past, people have used a lot more traditional massage devices, but now they have the Embrace,” said Miller.

“It is very similar in design to the older machines that were out there, and we wanted to make sure that the technology was going to be the same.”

There are two types of Embrace machines, one that is for people over 50 and another for people under 50.

The machines are designed to be used by adults, while children under the age of 10 can use them.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen something that people would want to do, that people actually want to be able to do,” said Scott Stearna.

“You can take it home and have it, or you can bring it to a doctor’s office and get a massage.

It is going to give people a really good quality of life.”

Miller said she is looking forward.

“Our customers love it, people say they like it,” she explained.

“The people that are coming in from other states are getting the best experience.

We are also really excited about the idea of allowing people to bring their own Massage Machines in.”

The Stearnas plan to expand the Embacs into other parts of the state.

“That is what we really wanted to do here in Colorado,” said Ms. Stearne.

“This is a great way to have our customers feel comfortable.

It also gives us the opportunity to bring in people from other parts, so we can bring in the local massage therapists as well.”

Embrace Hot Massaged is in the midst of the first expansion phase of the Embrand project.

Sterens says they have more machines to go, but she isn’t sure how long that will take.

“Right now, we have about two months to get them up and running, but that will depend on how quickly we can get the permits,” she laughed.

“The Embrace will be available at our new locations soon,” Miller added.

Embrace hopes to be open by March.

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